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Tramadol Overnight Paypal, Tramadol Dogs Uk Buy

Joining us as an Apprentice Building Services Engineer, the candidate will gain an understanding of engineering’s input to an overall project, as well as the interpretation of construction details and specifications.

Supported by experienced Senior Engineers, the candidate shall be trained to assist in the solution of technical queries through use of design packages and Revit MEP, all while being supported to achieve a National Diploma in Building Services Engineering through a day release programme at a local university or college.

Training will be provided in the use of Building Services Design Software such as Hevacomp, Amtec, Relux, Dialux and 3d CAD (Revit MEP).

The ideal candidate will be qualified to ‘A’ Level standard, or have achieved good GCSE results, (minimum of 5 GCSEs at grades A to C, including English, Maths and Science) and would need to be under 19 for the September 2016 education intake.

Although no previous experience is required, you will need to demonstrate an ability to work within a team environment and a passion to build a career within the construction industry.

The candidate will be well presented, articulate and be able to communicate in a confident and professional manner.

Please email your CV to

Derry Ltd
Balderton Hall
Notts NG24 3JR

Telephone: Tramadol Buy Uk
Email: Tramadol Buy Usa