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Order Tramadol Online India, Online Tramadol Mastercard

To further support our Design Department, we are looking to expand our Revit & AutoCAD resource; as such we are looking to recruit an additional MEP Revit Engineer.

The ideal applicant will need to be conversant in the use of Revit MEP and have the ability to produce high quality, information rich drawings covering a large variety of disciplines across multiple market sectors.

The individual would work under the guidance of our Design & BIM Management and work closely with both Design & Contract staff to generate engineering drawings and details as required.

The candidate must be able to demonstrate an ability to work within a team environment and will be well presented, articulate and be able to communicate in a confident and professional manner.

Support will be provided to progress training and industry recognised accreditation / qualifications if so desired.

Key requirements:

  • Demonstrable experience and understanding of Revit MEP (Minimum six months experience) and AutoCAD.
  • Ability to manage and organise tight deadlines and workloads.
  • Previous Electrical or Mechanical Services Design experience would be advantageous although not essential.

Derry Ltd
Balderton Hall
Notts NG24 3JR

Telephone: Tramadol Buy Uk
Email: Tramadol Buy Usa