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Derry Ltd prides itself on providing an excellent service to the client from the initial stages of the project through to completion to achieve a high quality installation to meet the required budget.

Working closely with the client we endeavour to investigate all aspects of the design and installation process to provide solutions which may not have been considered, to give improvements on whatever the client’s driving factor may be (i.e. Capital Cost, Running Costs, Energy Efficiency, Environmental or Aesthetical).

The following considerations are given to all projects:

  • Value Engineering (from tender stage)
  • Energy saving solutions
  • Investigate new technologies for improvements in performance / capital & running costs
  • Investigate new technologies, which may improve installation time and overall programme
  • Space Saving Solutions to minimise plant space & builders work
  • Pre-Fabricated solutions for programme reduction
  • Advice to builders and architects to value engineer other aspects of the installation related to the services