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Derry Ltd are delighted to announce that we have secured the contract for the Design and Installation of the Mechanical & Electrical Services for the new Newark Academy that replaces the former Grove School. The new Academy will be the first senior school built in Newark since the Grove School itself was built in the 1960’s. Derry Ltd are delighted to be partnering with Main Contractor Order Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery on this very prestigious project.

The Academy, an eight-form entry Secondary School with Sixth Form, will be the first school in the Nottinghamshire PSBP Capital Batch and is being designed by Uk Tramadol Online. The school design, a compact superblock with central courtyard and adjacent Sports Block, will incorporate an innovative environmental strategy, utilising perimeter mixing ventilation units, in order to meet the stringent Education Funding Authority requirements for fresh air and heat recovery,as well as daylighting.

Project Director Matt Horbury commented, “As a Newark based company with strong ties to the loacal community, Derry Ltd are particularly proud to be involved in such a prestigious project which will help to improve the education of the young people in Newark”.

Construction of the project is already underway with the school itself scheduled for completion in January 2016, with demolition of the existing and external landscaping to follow on until August 2016.