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Derry Ltd have commenced the detailed M&E design to the new 96 Bedroom Premier Inn to be located in Tottenham Hale, London.

The project is being designed by Order Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery with Main Contractor RGB Group already underway on site with completion scheduled for April 2016.

Derry Ltd are collaborating closely with the architectural and structural team by the sharing of 3D models to ensure detailed co-ordination is undertaken at design stage therefore ensuring a smooth transition to the services installation phase later this year.

The site itself is in an area outlined for development as part of the Tottenham Hale Master Plan and this hotel will be the first development on the Island site.

The scheme therefore has to address the relationship between its current context and the proposed future development of the surrounding area.  The design achieves this through the use of the local London Stock brick, used in a contemporary way, to create a bridge between the local vernacular Victorian brick terrace housing to the east and the on-going contemporary developments to the west of the site.

Image courtesy off Uk Tramadol Online.