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Client: Tulip/Danish Crown
M&E Value: £350K

The Amenity Building designed by pHP Architects contains state of the art changing rooms and hygiene room facilities prior to entering the food production area.

The multi-million pound project, part funded by Defra, the EU and in partnership with East Midlands Pork Producers, is the culmination of work that will ensure the company’s Spalding facility is truly ‘world class’ and should as a result secure US Department of Agriculture approval to boost exports.

The Amenity Building is the first building for the Client to achieve a BREEAM ‘Good’ Rating and utilises  a number of energy reduction technologies including air-source heat pumps, rainwater harvesting, waterless urinals, solar performance glazing and high levels of air tightness.

Commenting on the project, David Heath, Minster of State for Agriculture and Food added; “”Defra has invested £2.4million in this innovative project, which will really help to boost the economy and promote British pork on a global stage.

The new facilities were officially opened by James White from the EMPP with representatives from Defra, Dalehead Foods and Waitrose who unveiled a plaque marking the completion of the project.