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Client: Gregg's Plc
M&E Value: £1.6 million

Derry Ltd have recently completed the Mechanical Services installation to a new build Gregg’s bakery in Gosforth, Newcastle, on behalf of Clegg Food Projects.

The 9000m² building incorporates a new Production & Distribution Facility complete with a two-storey Office Building and will manufacture and distribute a wide range of products to Greggs’ many shops across the north east of England.

Derry Ltd were responsible for the Design & Installation of the following Mechanical Services:

  • Medium & Low Pressure Gas Distribution System
  • Steam Generation Plant & Distribution System
  • Compressed Air Plant & Distribution System
  • Mechanical Supply & Extract Ventilation Systems
  • Domestic Water Services inc. Solar and Refrigeration Energy Reclaim
  • Comfort Cooling System
  • Consumable Chilled Water Systems
  • Automatic Control & BMS
  • Sanitaryware & Above Ground Drainage Systems

In addition, Derry Ltd were responsible for the co-ordinated design and installation of the associated sub-contract trades such as Electrical, Sprinkler and Process Refrigeration on behalf of Clegg Food Projects.