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Client: University of Nottingham
M&E Value:

Derry Ltd are delighted to confirm the completion of the Design & Installation of Mechanical Services to the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing Building (IfAM) at the University of Nottingham.

The 97,000sq ft award winning building was designed by Architects Uk Tramadol Online and comprises of laboratory space for various research groups with offices for academics and post graduate students, seminar space and a naturally ventilated atrium for breakout areas.

Derry Ltd are proud to have worked once more with the University of Nottingham and Main Contractor Order Tramadol Online Cod Overnight on this £30million facility which provides the foundation needed for research and world-leading facilities to encourage the development of new technologies and systems for production of high-value products within the manufacturing sector.

IfAM is dedicated to supporting UK manufacturing to revitalise the British economy through innovation and collaboration.

For more information on the institute thematic areas please see the Tramadol Buying Uk

Winner: Tramadol Buy Uk