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Client: MF Strawson
M&E Value: £650K

Derry Ltd have completed the Mechanical Services installation to the new Lombard Medical Centre located within the ‘Potterdyke’ Newark town centre redevelopment. The 1,434 m2 health centre is the largest in the vicinity, with 11 partners and 3 Registrars, providing GP services to over 17,000 patients.

The Centre, which comprises a three storey purpose built GP centre and a pharmacy, let to Lloyds, was officially opened in October 2011 by Patrick Mercer, MP for Newark.

The first floor of the new centre will be used for administration and meeting rooms, with the reception and consulting and treatment rooms on the second floor.

The main construction comprised a steel frame with precast concrete floors, with the installationof the following mechanical services:

  • High Efficiency Gas Fired LTHW Heating via Radiant Panels & Radiators
  • High Efficiency Gas Fired Domestic Hot Water System
  • Inverter Driven Boosted Cold Water System
  • Combined Supply & Extract Ventilation System with Heat Recovery
  • Fully Automatic BMS Controls & Monitoring System

The project design achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’.