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Client: Nottinghamshire PSBP Capital Batch
M&E Value:

Newark Academy is the first senior school to be built in Newark since the Grove School itself was built in the 1960’s and is our first project working with main Contractor Kier Construction.

The Academy, an eight-form entry Secondary School with Sixth Form, was the first school in the Nottinghamshire PSBP Capital Batch and was designed by Nicholas Hare Architects.  The school design, a compact superblock with central courtyard and adjacent Sports Block incorporates an innovate environmental strategy, utilising perimeter mixing ventilation units, in order to meet the stringent Education funding Authority requirements for fresh air and heat recovery, as well as daylight linking and dimming which was installed.

The project was delivered on time with a tight programme of less than 8 months for the M&E installation services.

Project Director, Matt Horbury commented, “”As the 5 Directors of Derry Ltd were all educated in Newark we were delighted to carry out the Mechanical and Electrical Services for a new school for the town.””