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Client: University of Nottingham
M&E Value: £730k

Sustainable Project of the Year – East Midland Property Awards 2014

The design and installation of the Mechanical Services to the new £5.6m Romax Technology Building at The University of Nottingham’s Innovation Park on the Jubilee Campus has been completed by Derry Ltd.

The new, purpose built 3100m² facility was designed by William Saunders Architects and incorporates both Open Plan and Cellular Office environments as well as a Training Suite and feature Atrium entrance.

The new building utilises the latest sustainable and environmentally friendly construction technologies, including a bio-diverse green roof, solar shading, heat recovery and when completed in 2015, waste heat from the CHP plant in the adjacent GSK Centre for Sustainable Chemistry Building will provide the primary heat source for Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water generation.

As a result the Building has achieved an EPC ‘A’ rating and is aiming to achieve BREEAM ‘Excellent’.