Match Report by Jason Turner

7 Derry Ltd players came together with myself making my debut in the GFT Tournament. From the kick-off Whitthan went on the attack and passed and moved and scored a goal without any of us having a kick! After being beaten 2-0 and not knowing what we were doing and looking liked we had never played together before (which we had not) the game against Scape was calling for us to adopt some shape and organisation.

With Kai ‘Schmeichel’ between the sticks we adopted a 2-2-2 formation with myself and Ed Jones at the back, Booty (aka Andy Boot) and Nathan Perrell in midfield and Dan Roberts and Matt Baker up front. It paid dividends as we were more solid, organised and began to settle and gel. Dan and Matt both got on the score sheet with calm composed and well taken goals. Also through some excellent defending and top saves we also kept a clean sheet.

The third game against Tomlinson (1) we again conceded from the kick off, and then conceded another, before Dan scored near the end to get us back in the game. But there was little time to get the equaliser and we lost 2-1. An even game then followed against Tomlinson (8), but a few passing moves by the opposition opened us up and we ended up conceding and lost 1-0.

We then got back to winning ways in the game against Perfect Circle with Matt breezing past the opposition to riffle a shot into the net from an acute angle. Once again, we kept solid and composed at the back and kept a clean sheet. Nobody was getting past Ed even if it meant taking someone out. It was like a thunderous tackle from a 70s-football clip minus the big hair and moustaches, boggy pitch, skin tight shirts and shorts that look like underpants in today’s footballing world.

The second to last game was against the Chelsea of the tournament AECOM who were top and would go on to win the league. By this point the Ryan Giggs of Derry Ltd, Booty was suffering (to be honest we all were all about KO’d) so we decided to change tactics and put him up top as a target man to hold the ball and bring the strikers into play. It worked well and we played well. It was a good solid defensive team performance. It was just a shame that the opposing team’s quality showed in the end as we conceded two goals in the last minute.

It was same tactics again for the final game against Arc partnership. This was an evenly contested game with end to end action and last ditch clearances and tackles by both sides. Neither side could force a goal so we got our third clean sheet and finished with a 0-0 draw.

Our final league position was 6th out of 8 so that would mean we would just avoid relegation, so not bad to say it was a new team and two players don’t play football.

I also attended the presentation, raffle and ate Buffet on behalf of the team. I only had enough loose change for one £5 raffle ticket, but that was enough to win us two bottles of wine. All proceeds raised went to Ashgate Hospicecare. The money raised from the tournament meant that 37 people can go home and be with their families.

It was a fun enjoyable afternoon and a good team bonding exercise.

Thanks go to James, Matt and Dave for allowing us the time out to partake and purchasing a kit for us so we at least looked presentable and professional.

Derry Ltd Results;

 L0-2 Whitthan

W2-0 Scape (Roberts, Baker)

L1-2 Tomlinson 1 (Roberts)

L0-1 Tomlinson 8

W1-0 Perfect Circle (Baker)

L0-2 Perfect Circle Blue (Kai injured)

D0-0 Arc Partnership.


 6th Derry Ltd – P7, W2, D1, L4, GF4, GA7, GD-3 Pts 7


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