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Client: Cannock Chase Council
M&E Value: £1.5 million

Derry Ltd have completed the Mechanical Services installation as part of the major modernisation and refurbishment of Chase Leisure Centre with Main Contractor GF Tomlinson.

This challenging project involved the replacement of the majority of the building services within existing areas as well as the installation of new services to the extended/new build areas, all whilst the Leisure Centre remained open and operational to the general public. The project was complicated further by phased handover periods and required a close working relationship between the Main Contractor and ourselves to provide vastly improved facilities to our Client.

The main pool at Chase Leisure Centre has now been transformed into a six-lane, 25-metre competition-standard facility, whilst the Teaching Pool & Reception areas have also undergone major refurbishment, with new staff offices being formed as part of the development.

A new extended Gym area has been provided along with a purpose made Fitness Suite, all with dedicated changing facilities. In addition, new Function and Spa suites have also been provided.

The project involved the installation of the following services:

  • Bespoke Pool Hall Supply & Extract Ventilation System
  • Mechanical Supply & Extract systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Modifications to existing Domestic Water & Heating Pipework
  • New Trend BMS Control System
  • Major Plant replacements for Domestic Water Services