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Client: Associated British Foods
M&E Value:

Derry Ltd undertook the design and installation of the mechanical services and were appointed as lead services co-ordinators due to our expertise in 3D co-ordination technology.

Services installed comprise of high velocity temperature-controlled ventilation systems to the process areas, bakery and packing lines in the new 250m long facility, together with Compressed Air Systems, Domestic and Consumable Process Chilled Water Installations.

The ventilation plant is served from the adjacent High-Pressure Gas Main with New Water and Hydrant Mains being installed along side.

The computerised production facility is complemented by an Air-Conditioned Office with Canteen and Lab facilities.

All Building Services are integrated into a Trend 963 BMS System with independent Supervisor.

Other elements of the work included: –

  • Full sanitaryware & Brassware installation with associated drainage.
  • 100m³ External Water Storage Facility for the production systems.
  • Gas fired heating and Destratification Installations.
  • High Efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems.