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Client: E.ON Climate & Renewables UK
M&E Value: £320k

Derry Ltd have completed the Design & Installation of the Mechanical Services installation to the new E-ON Operation & Maintenance Facility located on Grimsby Docks.

The contract was the first phase of E-ON€™s Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm development.

The new facility has been constructed on the former fish docks and comprises of a single storey Office building which is linked to a large warehouse and adjacent storage building.

The office accommodation has been designed to maximise daylight and renewable technologies, with the inclusion of turbines and a photovoltaic array ensuring that the building has achieved an EPC A rating.

Humber Gateway offshore wind farm will be located 8km off the East Yorkshire coast, just north of the mouth of the river Humber. The wind farm will have 73 turbines and together the turbines will have an installed capacity of up to 219MW and once complete, will be capable of generating enough electricity to power up to 170,000 UK homes.