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Client: Northern Avenue Surgery
M&E Value: £400k

Derry Ltd have completed the Mechanical Services installation to the new two storey Medical Centre and Pharmacy on East Bank Road in Sheffield.

The new facility replaces the existing run down and cramped facilities at the old Northern Avenue Surgery, providing an expansion from 5 to 14 consulting rooms.

The function of the Medical Centre is to provide an accessible modern health care facility to assist the medical team to deliver quality patient care.

The main construction comprised a steel frame with precast concrete floors, with the installation of the following mechanical services:

  • Air Source Heat Pump LTHW Heating & DHWS Generation
  • Underfloor Heating System
  • Comfort Cooling Systems
  • Mechanical Ventilation Services
  • Automatic Controls & Monitoring

The project design achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’.