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Client: Starboard Hotels
M&E Value: £900k

Derry Ltd are pleased to confirm the successful completion of the Mechanical & Electrical Services Installation to the new five star Hoax Hostel in Liverpool.

The Hostel was handed to the Client; Starboard Hotels early by Main Contractor RGB Contracts whom expressed their gratitude to all involved for the successful delivery of this challenging project.

The Hostel is located opposite the world famous Cavern Club at the junction of Matthew & Stanley Street and has been converted from the original Kansas Buildings tea warehouse into a 282 bed space hostel, complete with Brooklyn styled bar and restaurant facilities.

The following services have been installed:

  • Mechanical Supply, Extract & Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems
  • VRF Air Conditioning
  • Domestic Water Services
  • Centralised Automatic Control Package
  • Life Safety systems
  • Fully Integrated Bedroom Access / Control systems
  • Feature Lighting