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Client: Weatherford
M&E Value: £500k

Derry Ltd have completed the Mechanical Services installation to the new multi storey office development for Reeves Wireline Technologies, whom form part of the Weatherford Group.

The new scheme which was designed by Franklin Ellis Architects and built by Main Contractor GF Tomlinson, provides Reeves with approximately 1675m² of bespoke office and meeting space over three stories complete with a new reception and ancillary facilities, together with a new two-storey car park.

The Mechanical Services systems installed as part of this project include:

  • Mechanical Supply & Extract Ventilation
  • VRV Comfort Cooling
  • Heat Pump LTHW Heating Systems

Through detailed development with the Design Team regarding the fabric, glazing specifications and the installation of a high efficiency VRV Air Conditioning System, the building has achieved an EPC ‘A’ Rating.