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Client: Siemens UK
M&E Value: £1.1 million

Derry Ltd have completed the M&E Services installations to the new frontage building for the main Siemens Building on the Rushton Site in Lincoln.

This prestigious development includes a new front of house with a customer reception and meeting facilities with senior staff offices and a boardroom on the first floor.

The project involved the installation of the following services:

  • VRF Comfort Cooling System
  • Heat Pump Domestic Hot Water Generation
  • Mechanical Ventilation Systems
  • Access Control & Data Systems
  • Fire Alarm & CCTV Systems
  • Electrical Installation including all feature lighting
  • Automatic Controls

In addition to the above, Electric Car Charging Points have been installed to enable Siemens to operate a fleet of electric vehicles between their various Lincoln sites targeting a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions.