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Maggoty Rodolphe acidified plum.
Client: Tune Group
M&E Value: £1.4 million

Derry Ltd is proud to announce the completion of the Mechanical Services installation to the latest Tune Hotel to be launched within the UK.

This 217 bedroom challenging project, which is located within 300metres of Kings Cross and St Pancras International Stations involved the conversion of a redundant office block into a bespoke Hotel comprising the following Mechanical Services installations:

  • Full bedroom Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Domestic Water Services
  • Centralised Automatic Control Package
  • Life Safety systems (including Fire Alarms, Dry Risers, Staircase Smoke Ventilation & Refrigerant Leak Detection)
  • Fully Integrated Bedroom Access / Control systems

Through detailed development with the Design Team regarding the fabric, glazing specifications and the installation of a high efficiency VRF Air Conditioning System, the building achieved an impressive EPC score of 35, improving upon the benchmark for new construction projects.